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Why Hit Air

Launched in 1998, Hit Air became the first airbag jacket. Awarded Gold and Silver Medals at the World Exhibition of Inventions in Belgium, including a gold in Safety Protection Life-Saving division. Hit Air through the years has continued to be the top for safety airbag systems with the longest standing safety testing than any other airbag system on the market. Hit-air vests and jackets are supplied to police departments in many countries because of its safety and reliability. 


Why Hit Air Moto

We pride ourselves in live customer support before and after your purchase. We work directly with the manufacture and receive bi-weekly shipments of products. Hit Air Moto is able to ship the Hit Air line up fast so you can ride safe and with confidence that you have a team of Hit Air specialist standing behind you.

A Message the Inventor

"Motorcycle accident statistics are clear. Collisions, resulting from a rider being thrown from the motorcycle and impacting with the ground or crashing into an obstacle such as a guardrail, are the main reasons for deaths and serious injuries. More than 90% of these injuries are to the head, neck or chest. A helmet may protect the head but an impact to the helmet may also cause an injury to the neck.  

Hit Air, an airbag jacket for motorcyclists, now offers protection to the neck where various kinds of protection padding have been lacking. Protection is also provided for the front and the back of the body by a shock-buffering airbag system, offering riders additional protection during accidents. We are continuing our quest to develop innovative products to enhance riding safety."

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